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Directly to any door on any floor!

This service enables you to send your shipment directly to the addressee’s door. It is particularly useful when it is difficult for the receiving party to get down to the ground floor or when the sent materials are heavy or multi-item.
To allow the SDA courier to get to the right place please give precise delivery details in the transport document.

New! Choose Al Piano even during Parcel Release.

For your knowledge.
Al Piano shipments must adhere to the following restrictions: no more than 6 items, up to 30 kg (real weight) per item – total of 150 cm for the 3 sides (with 100 cm the longest side) per item.

Al Piano is a service charged as a supplement to the price of shipment, the surcharge depends on the service provided (based on total weight of shipment delivered to the desired floor).

What services does it apply to?
• All National services except Pharmaexpress, 2Ruotexpress and Mototaxi. For the Andata e Ritorno service the surcharge will only be applied to the outward journey.
• and can be combined with other extra servicess, except for Hold for collection shipments.

How to activate
Choose the extra services Al Piano, Su Appuntamento, Di Sabato or Di Sera directly from SDA Technological Solutions.

Check Extra services combinations