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Andata e Ritorno (SWAP)

Pickup and delivery in one go!

Simplify and save time and money: the Swap service allows delivery and concurrent pickup of your shipments with just one Waybill. This solution is specifically designed for businesses that have frequent exchanges with customers of secondary offices, and need to both deliver and pick up products and documents. Use Search Shipments to track the forward and back routes with the same code.

What do you get?
• Full service, from pickup to delivery.
• Use of a single Waybill for both operations
• Coverage of the whole country.
• Delivery in 1-2 working days after pickup in most Italian cities. To check actual delivery times please consult the section Delivery times.
• Online tracking to verify shipment status and delivery details, in the section Search shipments or calling toll number 199.113366. (see cost details).

Consult service characteristics (PDF 1.2 MB)