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Protected and safe bottles inside the SDA network

SDA has developed a range of packing solutions to safely carry wine, oil or similar kind of bottles, preventing accidental damages.
A new packing immobilizes and, in the meantime, protects the bottles during shipping.
The SDA bottle packings may be used with our national services and in conjunction with the options available for each SDA service.


The SDA bottle packings are the outcome of an accurate design process that has developed a multi-layered cardboard capable of blocking and minimizing the bottle movements.
These packings have been tested within our network and have come out as ideal to protect in an effective way the contents and to travel safely within SDA's vehicles and structures.

Convenient to use and Easy to assemble
SDA provides the solution for the transportation of liquids such as oil, wine and liquors with effective and very easy to use packings.
Four sizes to accomodate every demand: to ship 1, 2, 3 or 6 bottles.
The cardboard can be assembled in just a few steps: just follow the easy instructions printed on the box, insert the bottles and seal the backage with a sturdy adhesive tape.

Ask to your salesperson of reference the new bottle packings at competitive prices.