Export Box

Export Box

Export Box is our new international service that allows to ship documents and goods up to 30kg. to more than 200 destinations worldwide.

Ideal for shipments to private addresses, Export Box guarantees widespread deliveries worldwide and a global network of post offices to handle shipments on hold.

Using Export Box is very easy; with Web Technological Solutions on MySDA you will be able to manage your shipments independently

Delivery Times*

3/4 Days in Europe (not including customs formalities)
4/6 Days in the rest of the world (not including customs formalities)

What benefits does Export Box offer?

-Affordable, easy to use, complete and reliable service
-Free of charge pickup that can be arranged directly by logging on mySDA or using Pickup Request
-The waybills are set up for online printing and include standard customs documents
-Customs operations fees included
-Online tracking to check out the shipment status and the delivery information
-Real weight based fees

Which options may be chosen?

-Smart Alert: notice to the sender/recipient (via SMS and e-mail) about the status of the shipment
-Insurance up to €50.000
-P.O. Box, included for the countries that allow it.
-printed proof of delivery
-return to sender

No extra fees

How is it activated?

You can activate the service through the web technological solutions or using the printed handbills. The Export Box service is reserved for subscribing customers.

Check out the features of the service                   
 Full listing of the Delivery times                         
 Customs Declaration CN 23
CLP General Terms  Conditions of Carriage

For all the details contact your salesperson of reference or ask for a Business Contact.