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Express Box

Express Box

ExpressBox is our new express domestic service, it is ideal for those businesses which are focused on e-commerce and remote retail sales, to deliver their shipments quickly and easily to home addresses.

With Express Box you can choose the conditions of delivery that are most suitable for the recipient, at his/her home address or within a network of over 2.300 qualified post offices.

The Express Box deliveries are carried out in 1-2 workdays (Saturdays excluded) after the collection, in the majority of the Italian territory. To verify the actual delivery timeframes, please visit the Timeframes section.
With Express Box you can ship goods up to 30 kg all over Italy.

What are the benefits?

- General Delivery: you can request the delivery at the most convenient qualified Post Office for the recipient; the General Delivery may also be requested as a clearance option.
-  P.O. Box delivery to guarantee the recipient’s privacy.
- A network of over 9000 post offices to handle the deposits: the recipient may conveniently collect the shipment from the Post Office of his/her area
- Widespread Coverage of the national territory
- Online Tracking to verify the status of the shipments and the delivery details using our Shipment Tracking section
- Real Weight Invoicing

Which Accessory service may I use?

Ease of Delivery: Saturday Delivery, Evening Delivery, Delivery by Appointment, Floor Delivery
Punctuality: Time Definite 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 12 o’clock
Scheduling: Definite Time-Day Delivery
Value: Cash on Delivery,  Insurance
Control: Smart Alert, Digipod

You can also ask for a specific smart alert (SMS) to warn the recipient that shipment is available for collection at the Post Office.

Please refer to the service features for a full list of the available accessory services.

How do I activate it?
You can access the service through the web Technological Solutions. The Express Box service is reserved for subscribing customers.

Consult service characteristics

Express Box IT Solutions Sales Form Addendum 

Examine the features of the service

CLP General Terms  Conditions of Carriage

For all the details on timeframes, accessory services and costs please contact your commercial agent of reference or ask for a Business Contact.