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Assicurazione (INSURANCE)

Keep your valuables safe.

If you wish SDA can insure your shipments in Italy, based on insured sum ceilings or a percentage of the declared value of the item.

How does it work?
• The insurance service is based on the following insured sum ceilings: €258.23, €516.46, €1,549.37 and €2,582.28.
• Insurance charges as a percentage of the declared value entail a shipment surcharge for a value of up to €500. For shipments having an insured value in excess of €500 a percentage of the value exceeding the insured item is applied in addition to the standard rate. This service can be activated solely through Technological Solutions.
• If you wish SDA gives you the possibility of insuring national shipments with ceilings in excess of €2,582.28, up to €50,000 per shipment, through one-off insurance policies.

What services does it apply to?
The Insurance service is available in combination with the services Capi Appesi and Extra Large.

Sending abroad?
International shipments can be insured up to a ceiling of €1,500. If you wish, international shipments can be insured with ceilings exceeding €1,500 and up to a maximum of €50,000, through one-off insurance policies.