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Assicurazione (INSURANCE)

Keep your valuables safe.

If you wish SDA can insure your shipments in Italy, based on insured sum ceilings or a percentage of the declared value of the item.

How does it work?
• The insurance service is based on the following insured sum ceilings: €258.23, €516.46, €1,549.37 and €2,582.28.
• Insurance charges as a percentage of the declared value entail a shipment surcharge for a value of up to €500. For shipments having an insured value in excess of €500 a percentage of the value exceeding the insured item is applied in addition to the standard rate. This service can be activated solely through Technological Solutions.
• If you wish SDA gives you the possibility of insuring national shipments with ceilings in excess of €2,582.28, up to €50,000 per shipment, through one-off insurance policies.
• For Golden Service shipments insurance is included in the price, up to a ceiling of €1,549.27.

What services does it apply to?
The Insurance service is available in combination with the services Raccomandata, 0-3, 0-15, 0-30, Economy Capi Appesi and Extra Large.

Sending abroad?
International shipments can be insured up to a ceiling of €1,500. If you wish, international shipments can be insured with ceilings exceeding €1,500 and up to a maximum of €50,000, through one-off insurance policies.