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This is a web application that is integrated with SDAWEB and SDAWEB basic, and is dedicated to businesses that handle a large number of shipments every day.
You can download INVIOWEB free of charge directly from your SDAWEB or SDAWEB basic workplace.

Use INVIOWEB to generate waybills by importing a personal data file or choosing addressees directly from those associated with one’s user group. It is possible to print waybills on ordinary A4 paper and on sticky labels.

The entire consultation phase is done via a browser from one’s SDAWEB account.

For further information please write to

System requirements:
Sistema operativo: Windows 2000/Windows XP o superiore
CPU: Pentium III o superiore 
Memoria RAM: 256 MB
Browser web consigliati: Internet Explorer 6.0 o superiori
Video: VGA colore 15" o superiore
Risoluzione: 1024 x 768 o superiore
Modem: 56.600 bps per connessione Internet (consigliato Adsl o Fibra Ottica)
Stampante: laser, getto d'inchiostro o trasferimento termico per etichette adesive.