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New option Fixed Day-Time

To set in advance the exact day and the time frame for delivery.

The option is ideal if the recipient is a business, both for distributors and for retailers, or if it is a firm, with set hours and days for collecting goods and opening time. Designed also for private individuals who wish to set in advance the day/time of delivery.
With our new Fixed Day-Time optional service it is possible to arrange, at the time of departure, for the goods to be delivered on set days and in the specified time frame.

For deliveries at the right moment, we provide two options:

Choose the day/days of the week and the time (two hours time frame) for the parcel to be delivered (e.g. Mon. Tue. Thur. 15:00/17:00)

Choose the exact day and time frame for parcel delivery (e.g. 10/10/2012 morning time)

for SDA’s national services with the exception of: Pharmaexpress, 2Ruotexpress and Mototaxi. For the Andata&Ritorno (Round Trip) service, the option may only be applied for the outward shipping.
Fixed Day-Time may be combined with other optional services except with Di Sabato (on Saturdays), Di Sera (in the evening), Su Appuntamento (by appointment), Time Definite and except with shipments in Fermodeposito (Storage hold).

Check the option’s combinations

How to activate
By choosing the delivery option directly on SDA Technological Solution.
Fixed Day-Time is an extra fee, added to the shipping costs.