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Controlled temperature shipments.

Your shipments travel at a controlled temperature

SDA expands its array of Extranetwork special services with Pharmaexpress, a complete and highly reliable service dedicated to Pharmaceutical and Biomedical companies. Choose Pharmaexpress to ship medicines and diagnostic specimens at room temperature and at a controlled temperature (either positive +2°/+8°C or negative -20°C).

Safety and Control
Pharmaexpress insures the integrity of the shipments and the continuity of the cold chain by using SDA network validated isothermal containers, in compliance with IATA directives and approved for the UN3373 (diagnostic samples) and the UN1845 (dry ice) class of transport. The use of diverse refrigerating materials allows setting the internal temperature of the containers used during the transport in every phase of the distribution: for temperatures within +2° and +8°C a safe and patented gel coolant is used during the shipment, while dry ice is used for negative -20°C temperatures. 

Prompt and punctual shipments: the delivery is performed within 1 working day after pickup on national territory*.

Complete Solutions
The Pharmaexpress service is composed of two different versions which, together, are able to meet any need in controlled temperature logistics.

PHARMAexpress plus
A complete service, with triangulation, that guarantees the observance of the cold chain. This solution allows synchronizing the previously thermostated container’s delivery with the goods’ pickup.

PHARMAexpress basic The service entails the pickup of the shipment that was previously packaged by the client and the delivery to the final recipient within 1 day* after pickup on national territory.

Customer Service
The dedicated Customer Service offers special advice; it handles everything from scheduling pickups to filling out the transport documents to the operations tracking that follows the shipments from pickup to delivery. You can also check the status of the shipment on Search Shipment at any moment.

Consult service characteristics

For more information about Pharmaexpress please contact Extranetwork’s dedicated customer service by calling 800.474101 (toll-free) (Mon. – Fri. 8:30 to 13:30 and 14:30 to 18:30, or write to or contact your commercial agent of reference.

* The 1-day delivery is not available for shipments to and from Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, minor islands and other areas. Please check the availability of the Pharmaexpress service with Extranetwork’s dedicated assistance.