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Preparing a shipment

For efficient, speedy and secure shipments we require your help.

SDA uses an automatic sorting system based on recognition of the Zip code. That is why in the waybill it is important to always indicate the correct Zip code and to follow some simple rules when preparing your shipments.
All shipments must be suitably packaged: in the pickup phase staff will check the suitability of your shipment and, in your interests, will accept subject to verification those not deemed to be secure.

If your shipment consists of more than one parcel – a multi-item shipment – you will have to make sure that the sum of the individual items conforms to the weight and size restrictions of the acquired service. To facilitate delivery operations it is also important for each item to be numbered progressively (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.).

Some tips for sending safely.

Guidelines for safe shipments

We remind you that Kipoint sales points offer a complete packaging service.
Find here the closest Kipoint to you.