Redelivery by Appointment


Redelivery by appointment is SDA’s new optional service, developed for shipments to private citizens, that automatically activates an appointment for the delivery, should the recipient be absent on the first attempt. It is ideal for those who operate in the e-commerce market and want to offer an even smoother delivery and a quality service that is aimed to improve their customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

The shipments that were not delivered due to the recipient’s absence are automatically cleared the day after the failed delivery directly by the SDA operator, who reaches the recipient and schedules the date and time of the redelivery.
Furthermore, by combining the smart alert, your Customers will be informed in real time on their shipment’s route and will receive confirmation of the appointment by sms or email, detailing the scheduled date and time.

For all the National services except for Pharmaexpress, 2Ruotexpress and Mototaxi. Redelivery by appointment combines with all the other optional services, except for Freight Collect shipments.


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How to activate it
You can choose how and when you wish to use the service directly on mySDA’s web portal.
Before shipping, you may activate the optional service in batch mode on all your outgoing shipments.
After shipping, you may choose to activate the optional service on a single shipment during the clearance phase.

Quick guide on the batch activation of Redelivery by Appointment on mySDA 

Redelivery by Appointment is a fee supplement, over the shipment’s cost.

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