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List of items that cannot be sent with SDA.
Cash of any currency, bank cheques, securities of any kind or bearer bonds, meal vouchers, traveller’s cheques, gold, antiques, liqueurs, stamped papers and/or stamps, including collectors’ stamps, precious metals, firearms, alcohol-based items, plants, drugs, works of art, gems, furs, valuable watches/clocks, explosives, animals, perishable items, pornographic material, coal, diamonds, tobacco items, items subject to IATA restrictions, including dangerous or combustible items, goods the transport of which is forbidden by any law, regulation or provisional rule put in place by any federal, state or local government of any country by or through which the shipment might be effected.
To this list should be added any other goods that SDA decides it does not wish to transport on objectively valid grounds. (see General Terms of Transport)

Only non-perishable foodstuffs that have been duly packed and packaged pursuant to existing law provisions are accepted.