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SDAWEB is a web-based solution specially conceived for multilocation customers, i.e. those having to make shipments from different offices dotted over the territory. To use SDAWEB you don’t have to download and install an application, all you need is an Internet connection.

SDAWEB has 3 access profiles:

Manager: creates and associates user groups, and chooses the services and functions enabled for each group

User: generates and prints waybills, saves to memory the details of senders and addressees, views information on shipments made

Consultant: consults at a central level all the activities performed by Groups and Users, views relative reports.

SDAWEB basic
is a web-based solution conceived for customers requiring an up-and-ready system that enables them to print waybills with all options.

It does not require the installation of any application, and to use it all you need is a 24/7 Internet connection.

To activate the technological solution of your choice and/or request further information please write to

System requirements:
Sistema operativo: Windows 2000/Windows XP o superiore
CPU: Pentium III o superiore 
Memoria RAM: 256 MB
Browser web consigliati: Internet Explorer 6.0 o superiori
Video: VGA colore 15" o superiore
Risoluzione: 1024 x 768 o superiore
Modem: 56.600 bps per connessione Internet 
Stampante: laser o getto d'inchiostro.