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Warning - fraudulent e-mails

We have been warned about the existence of a counterfeit e-mail, using SDA's names, logos and disclaimers. This is an unauthorized and fraudulent activity.

Such e-mails are not SDA communications and, should you receive one, we urge you not to click on any of its links or attachments, which may be harmful to your computer. We advise you to delete the e-mail. Please Click here to display an example of such fraudulent e-mail.

By using fraudulent e-mails, through the use of the so-called phishing, people and/or organizations aim to obtain sensible information for illegal purposes.

Such e-mails appear to be sent by SDA; they, in fact, make use of the name and logo in a fraudulent and unauthorized manner.

SDA will never ask you via e-mail to provide personal information, bank account numbers, User IDs or passwords of any kind. Moreover SDA will never ask via e-mail to be paid for shipments which were never actually performed.

Should you receive any e-mails of this nature, or if you only even suspect that something might be wrong, please immediately report it via e-mail to