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roadEUROPE waybill

What is it?
The RoadEurope waybill is indispensable for every shipment made using the RoadEurope service: it should be used for sending both documents and goods. It is indispensable, but not sufficient, for customs obligations too.

How to fill it in?
Data must be complete to ensure speedy delivery: this is why it is important to fill in all parts of the RoadEurope waybill precisely and legibly. Here is how to do that.

1. Sender.
Give name, telephone number and full address of the sender.

2. Addressee.
Give the name, telephone number, full address (including Zip code), VAT number or tax code.

3. Information on the shipment.
This information does not replace the Commercial Invoice for shipments requiring this document.
Number of items, weight, size: give the number of items making up the shipment, the total weight in kilos and the size of the shipment (length, width, height).
Number of pallets: specify the number of pallets making up the shipment.
Description of content: give a full description of each product and specify whether or not the goods are for sale.
Customs item: give the customs code for each product of the shipment (if known).
Nation of manufacture: give the nation in which each good has been produced.

Total declared value for customs duty purposes.
This is required by customs officers for assessing possible customs duties and charges. Only for shipments intended for non-EU countries this amount represents the replacement cost or the sale price (even if the product is not for resale) of the shipment content and must be equal to or greater than the “Total declared value for the carrier’s liability”. The amount must tally with the value given in the Commercial Invoice.

Global declared value for the carrier’s liability.
SDA’s liability is limited by the Convention of Montreal or CMR. For more details consult the General Terms of Transport.

4. Cash on Delivery.
SDA offers you the possibility of requesting the COD additional service. You will have to specify the value of the encashment and select the means of payment – cash or cheque – bearing in mind existing limits in the country of destination.

5. Insurance.
SDA allows you to insure your RoadEurope shipment with a charge supplement for values up to € 1,500 and a premium calculated as a percentage of the insured value for values up to € 50,000.

6. Mandatory signature.
The RoadEurope waybill must be signed and dated by the sender or by the company’s representative.