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We give more weight to your shipments

This SDA service is aimed at those needing to ship heavy and bulky packs and parcels, with no limits in terms of weight, size or number of items, having the same pickup and delivery methods as express services.

What do you get?
• No weight, size or number limit for your shipment
• Free pickup (using Pickup Request or toll number 199.113366).
• Coverage of the whole country.
• Delivery in 1-2 working days* in most Italian cities. For more details consult the section Delivery times.
• Online tracking to verify shipment status and delivery details, in the section Search Shipments or calling toll number (see cost details).

For your knowledge
The price of the service is based on weight categories, in particular on the weight/volume ratio of the items actually shipped.
For bulky items the cost of shipment is calculated based on actual weight and on volumetric weight, with a given volume converted into taxable kilograms (1 m³ = 300 Kg).

Click here to calculate the volumetric weight of your ExtraLarge shipment.

Consult service characteristics (PDF 1.2 MB)

*Excluding Sundays and bank holidays.